AC Sources

What is an AC source?

An ‘AC’ source for ‘Alternative Current’ allows to generate an alternating signal (see diagram) of a certain amplitude and frequency.
Micronics has the abilities to offer you low frequency power supplies (50/60Hz) which are single-phase or three-phase types.
With a capacity of 2kW to hundreds of kW, these power supplies can adapt to different man-machine interfaces (buttons, touchscreen, computer network, etc…) but also to all types of supply network.


  • Test benches: Engine test, Coil test, Electrical cabinet of distribution power test
  • AC source simulation
Camembert gris source ac


Source AC

AC Source  415 KVA


Power : 12 kAmps – 20 Volts

Type : Industrial Cabinet

Dimension : L :800 x W :2400 x H :2200 mm
3 connected Cabinets of 800mm

Frequency : From 45 to 65 Hz

  • Driving via Modbus
  • U and I regulation, I Regulation at +/- 0,03%
  • Single, Two-phase and Three-phase functioning

AC Source  81 KVA


Power : 550V – 80A / 990V – 50A

Type : Industrial Cabinet

Dimension : L :1200 x H :1960 x D :800 mm
Overall weight of 1270 Kg

Frequency : From 50 to 60 Hz

  • Manual drive or automaton drive with a touch screen
  • U and I Regulation, I Regulation at +/- 0,03%
  • Only work on three-phase types