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Micronics Systems: Our Business!

Since its creation in 1989, Micronics Systems knew how to evolve and remain a reference regarding electronics of power. It’s by relying on the knowledge of its members that our company became a reference regarding energy conversion.

Our Company, a common future

MICRONICS SYSTEMS is a state-of-the-art company specialized in the design, assembly and commercialization of power supplying and energy conversion equipment.

Backed by 29 years of experience, MICRONICS SYSTEMS is nonetheless a resolutely modern and forward-looking company.

As a well-established company, this efficient company constantly innovates, meets the new needs and the market forces but also truly has a real capacity to anticipate them.

Well known for its technical assets, MICRONICS SYSTEMS also desires to bring to light its ethical and human values which are internally shown, and its french manufacturing choice.

cropped-petite-sphere-logo.pngIt is obvious that the great confidence placed in MICRONICS SYSTEMS by customers like THALES or the CNRS is a sign of a comprehensive know-how and a state-of-the-art positioning. In this context, advanced parterships will arise through MICRONICS SYSTEMS innovations.

In order to meet the challenges of its field of activity, MICRONICS SYSTEMS created a subsidiary, FRENCH POWER, which is able to meet the most specific demands and to offer an aggregate supply to the customers. It ensures the company the best power of negociation regarding the upcoming turns linked to the market evolution. This will to anticipate the changes and to be a future-oriented actor represents the strong cultural identity of this company.

logo french powerFRENCH POWER falls under the growth policy of the company based on a dedicated team of passionate people rallied around their leader Éric AUMEUNIER, ensuring a maximum innovative capacity.

The growth of the team and the investments these least years is part of the aim pursued by the company to move forward, to grow by becoming more and more specific and by effectively answering to the customers’ needs. It is notably illustrated by the creation of FRENCH POWER and by the premises’ modernization of MICRONICS SYSTEMS.

On these solid basis, MICRONICS SYSTEMS is definitively considered as a key player in this sector, both in France and Europe, and especially as a company for the future.

This future will be realized with the whole MICRONICS team federated around Éric AUMEUNIER. He relies more than ever on his faithfull colleagues to maintain MICRONICS SYSTEMS at its performances level, to retain its Latin spirit coupled with its Scandinavian rigor which made its richness.

The leader understood well that the future relies on the digital transformation and on the new talented generations. To adapt to these deep economy and company changes, a real transformation is realized in the internal and external functioning of the company. These human values and this visionary role are reflected in the company DNA, with essentials such as technicality, openness, newness, actors commitment and the keeping of a strong and exporter industry.

On these solid basis and this voluntary dynamic, the future of MICRONICS SYSTEMS is considered with more serenity.