Laboratories & Research

France is a highly appreciated country in terms of research. The quality of the work done allows us to have a worldwide recognition in the sector.

In order to help you maintaining your quality of service, we are proud to offer you our products designed and manufactured entirely in France.


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Every research process requests a great accuracy. Micronics develops tailored products to your specific need.

Our engineering and design department is guiding you in your project design, so you will be able to profit of our competence in energy conversion. In this way, the adopted solution will be as efficient as possible.

Moreover, we intervene in several types of environment. In this case, we can provide you products with a highly setting accuracy.

For instance, our stabilized power supplies have been designed to be used in laboratories.

To make our product perfectly adapted to your need, we are proposing you different options such as the polarity reversal, the dual sensitivity or even several counters.

Our Products
Our Products

Our Custom Development
Our Custom Development