With 10% of the global clinical trials, France is recognized for its know-how in medical research. The work quality of our laboratories is very high. It allows us to make partnerships across the globe.

The French medical industry employed close to 100 000 people in 2015.

Our goal : to provide you a power supply which meets your needs.


Our products can be used throughout the extraction process of the active ingredients for the medicines manufacturing for example.

The setting accuracy of our products allows you a quality work. In this way, the dual sensitivity, the implementation of Senses or even the integration of several counters will permit you to improve your accuracy.

The design and manufacture of our products are entirely realized in France. Our research unit is in direct relation with the production unit in order to facilitate the chosen product customization.

Moreover, the quality and the reliability of our products are key points. That is for that reason we are testing 100% of our products.

Thanks to our options, you have the opportunity to customize our product for that it became your solution.


Laboratories & Research
Laboratories & Research