Modular Bays: MultiOne

What is a modular bay?

There are two kinds of modular bays: those composed of stabilized power supplies or those composed of current rectifiers. So, the implementation in bay of several elements can be performed in parallel or in a independant way. The benefit of such a system is the reduction of the risk of downtime of your process. The rest of the bay is still working when performing maintenance on one of the elements.

At Micronics, the range of modular bays is called MultiOne.


  • Surface Treatment


Current Rectifiers

We realize modular bays made of different kinds of current rectifiers. Thanks to our 5-year experience in the modular, we are now able to produce bays up to 6000A.

MultiOne PowerRack System

Modular Bay :

Power of Modules :
x6 Identical modules 1000A-16V

Option: Polarity reversal

Technical characteristics:

  • Efficiency >89%
  • Ripple <2%
  • Cos Phi >0.98
  • Regulation <0.5%
  • Dimensions L 500 x D 800 x H 2100mm

icone_pdf Datasheet

Stabilized Power Supply

A power bay can be made of different kinds of power supplies: you can choose the various powers they are made of.

Choose the elements that will compose your bay

MultiOne RackLab System

Modular Bay :
Independent module or parallel type

Power of Modules:

    • 3 Microlab: 12V –   50A
    • 1 Microlab: 12V – 250A
    • 2 Microlab: 16V – 100A
    • 2 Microlab: 10V – 500A
    • 1 Microlab 10V – 2000A

Options: Dual Sensitivity, Analog Piloting on U and I with return image from Ethernet coupler with offset machine.

Dimensions L 550 x D 600 x H 1600mm