Our Business

Micronics Systems is a designer and manufacturer in energy conversion and in power electronics since 1989.
We have expanded our product range from our first rectifier, the Microswitch 1000Amps – 12Volts. Thanks to the solutions developed by our power electronics’ experts, we are now able to  realize products from your requirements specification.


Our business is to innovate in energy conversion in order to reduce your material and energy resources. This is only possible if the product you are using is perfectly adapted to your activity.

To achieve this goal, our product conception is provided by our engineering and design department. Our sales and technical departments are listening to you to understand the goals and stakes of your process. Through these exchanges, we will assist you in the choice of your new material and its adaptation in your activity. To this end, we are following your requirements specification if it is already established or we are helping us to create it. In this way the product we will make will fully match your needs.

Our experts customize our products so they can become your solution for energy conversion.

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In order to ensure our product quality, we have made the choice to integrate our product production in our company since its creation in 1989. In this way we can test 100% of our products before their delivery.

In an effort to be flexible, we have decided to put our technical and production teams in the same premises. Indeed, this closeness facilitates the implementation of our tomorrow’s innovations.

This is how we provide to you the reliability of the french production: the Micronics production.


Our specialization in the energy conversion for more than 25 years allowed us to acquire plenty of knowledge. Thanks to that, we are able to help you if you have a problem on your equipment.

To ensure that your activity is carried out in the best conditions, you must have a quality and regular monitoring. We are able to ensure this accompaniment as well as to restore your machine in case of need.

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Our Company

For more than 25 years, we design and manufacture our products to answer your highest requirements. As such, we widened our range by adding to the current rectifiers range, the stabilized power supplies and the inverters. Thanks to our engineering and design department, we are able to customised the ordered product to your activity specificities.

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The functioning of our company is based on unchanged values since 1989! They are flexibility, competitiveness, technicality, friendliness and responsiveness.

Our experience is the guarantee of our quality and our know-how.

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Our company has a strong experience in the energy conversion area through power electronics. Our products developed over the years notably thanks to technological developments. We remain faithful to our values which led us to a proximity in the conception and the production of our products.

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Micronics Systems is a power electronics designer and manufacturer since 1989. Thanks to our technical know-how we can adapt our products to your needs. We are also able to create a custom-made product to match with your activity characteristics. We are committed to support you throughout your project.

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