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Our desire to provide even more satisfaction to our customers, leads us to create MICRONICS SERVICES at the beginning of 2017.

The primary objective is to show to our customers the importance attributed to their products. For us, a signed contract is a guarantee of performance that we must ensure throughout the life of the product.

All the MICRONICS SYSTEMS team will work in keeping with your needs. Our research unit, the technical staff and the business division are forming one single entity of 24 persons to provide you an optimal satisfaction.

Together let us build an innovative and effective future.

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We are offering our customers to provide our expertise to their project management for a better integration of the equipment of their process. To understand the needs is essential for us to manufacture demande-driven equipment.

At MICRONICS SYSTEMS, we are taking the time to meet you, to know you and to offer you a personnalized response to your expectations.

The equipment care and maintenance is part of our prerogatives. From on-site invervention to spare parts order, we are inclined to optimize your purchases in the long run.

We are ensuring being always available to exchange on your requirements. You will find the correct contact to resolve your needs.

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