Our Values since 1989!

Micronics Systems is a designer and a manufacturer of current rectifiers for more than 25 years and is constantly expanding the rest of its range. Based on their experience and their knowledge, our power electronics experts are at your service with values which are dear to our company.

Our Values, Our Strenghts

  • Flexibility: We are committed to answering you as fast as possible. Thanks to our structure and our engineering and design department, we are able to answer your most specific needs.
  • Competitiveness: Our goal is to allow you to refine your settings in order to optimize your production and, as a consequence, increase your profitability. It is from your requirements specification that we can customise your product or create it if necessary.
  • Responsiveness: The size of our structure allows us a high reactivity for urgent requests. Besides achieving the manufacturing of our products, we are also realizing the maintenance of power electronics equipments.
  • Technicality: Our engineering and design department is conceiving innovative solutions to answer issues specific to your activity. These know-how were developed within our company for several years and are our added value.
  • Friendliness: We are putting the Human being at the heart of our structure. Thus, our commercial, technical and production teams are all reunited within the headquarters of company at Villette d’Anthon. You can visit our premises to see the fabrication shop and thus see the elaboration of our products.
fabrication française


To date, we are the only French manufacturers of energy conversion.

Our conception and our production are integrated into our process since the creation of Micronics Systems. It is thanks to this integration of all stages of our material creation that we can control 100% of our products.

Our purpose is to bring you the reliability and the closeness of the French manufacturing. Thus, we can assure the follow-up of the machine we are making for you.

To know us better

For more than 25 years, we are designing and manufacturing our products to answer your highest requirements. As such, we widened our range by adding to the current rectifiers range, the stabilized power supplies and the inverters. Thanks to our engineering and design department, we are able to customised the ordered product to your activity specificities.

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Micronics Systems has emerged as a leader of the energy conversion by power electronics. It is by conceiving and manufacturing our products that we are ensuring their quality.

Besides this quality, we can adapt our products to your needs so they perfectly correspond to your activities and become your solutions.

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Established in 1989, Micronics Systems specialized in energy conversion with the conception of  the Microswitch, the first current rectifier thought and made by its engineering and design department.

We are listening to your needs, and thanks to that, we developed new products which made evolved certain activities, like surface treatment.

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Micronics Systems knew how to develop during the last 25 years to become in the end an European leader in the field of the power electronics in the service of the energy conversion.

However, our company is sustainable only because we are constantly evolving in order to adapt our activity to our company.

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