The Ultimate Rectifier: The VTwin (Dual Output)

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At the very beginning of the surface treatment industry, the standard was : 1 tank = 1 rectifier. Since then, every post is equipped with its rectifier which improves the current distribution and therefore the deposit quality.

Today Micronics knows how to rethink the principle of the simple rectifier to offer you the Ultimate Rectifier .

The Vtwin is a dual output rectifier. It allows you to perfectly distribute the current between the two outputs by a unique deposit.

Moreover, you will be able to independently monitor the voltage distributed to each Vé thanks to the tactile panel. In this way, it will be easier for you to target the premature fouling of your Vés and so to avoid raw materials waste.

The junction of the VTwin to the tank is easier and faster because it is no longuer required to obtain a symmetrical connection between the two edges of the tank. Each of the outputs is independent, so the current is exactly the same.

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MGT2 vtwin

MGD: Wall

MGD1_TO Up to 2x600A
MGD2_TO Up to 2x1250A

icone_pdf Datasheet


MGP: Cabinet

MGP1_TO Up to 2x 3000A Max
MGP2_TO Up to 2x 5000A Max

icone_pdf Datasheet


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We can connect your automaton to your Vtwin rectifier.