Cataphoretic Generator

What is a Cataphoretic Generator?

A Cataphoretic Generator provides an electric current (from anode to cathode) which is the result of the bath voltage and resistance. This one decomposes in that form : Ramp/ Level 1/ Level 2.graphique

The Cataphoresis is a method of electrophoretic deposition, particularly used in the automobile industry.

Camembert gris generateur




générateur cataphorèse

Power: 250V-250A

Type : Mini Industrial Cabinet

Dimensions: Width: 600mm, Lenght: 600mm, Height: 1400mm

Options: Control/ command on door before reinforced (below window):

  • Ramp-up adjustable in voltage
  • Cycle timer
  • Standby voltage regulation by potentiometer
  • Visual display