Plasma Generators

What is a Plasma Torches Generator ?

A Plasma Torches Generator provides a DC current with a stackable sinusoidal undulation (Ripple). The arc striking is realized thanks to an integrated overvoltage.

Applying a high voltage between cathode and anode allows to make the interelectrode space of the torch conductive.


  • Surface Treatment : engraving, deposition, decontamination
  • Waste treatment: vitrification, inerting
Camembert gris generateur


Armoire Générateur Torche à Plasma

Power : 100V ( 160V Max ) – 1000 A

Type : Industrial Cabinet

Dimension : W :600 x L :600 x H :1800 mm

Options :

  • Steering via Profibus
  • Overpower Detection
  • Voltage and Intensity Pilot
  • Voltage and Intensity Images