Project Management

Apprehend the needs


In order to optimize your energy and raw materials consumption, our experts are listening to you and will guide you in the detection of your needs.

Our engineering and design department will help you to write your requirements specification to make it fully adapted to your activity.

After the writing of your requirements specification, we personnalize our product for this to become your solution.

And if your problem doesn’t correspond to any standard product present on the market, our research unit is competent to design a tailor-made product.

Manufacturing & Realization

2 ans de garantie

After the design and manufacturing of your product corresponding to your requirements specification, we realize the electrical test on your machine. Indeed, 100% of our products are tested before being handed over to the carrier. So we have 4 test benches which correspond to all the powers we are making.

In order to continue this verification of the proper functioning of our products in your process, we can realize an implementation of the product after its installation in your premises.

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We are guaranteeing our products for 2 years in parts and workforce.

Care and Maintenance

suivi et entretien des machines

We perfectly know our products considering we are designing and manufacturing them. In this way, our experts fix them within our premises to be more effective and to optimize the repair.

We can also ensure a preventive maintenance thanks to an on-site calibration in which we can replace parts if necessary. Indeed, this maintenance is realized to prevent any breakdown in your installations and to check their proper functioning.


When a problem occurs in your process, our technical team remains present to help you to understand what is not working and if it is possible to help you solve the problem.

On-site travel

When necessary, one of our technicians can intervene on-site to realize an expertise.

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