Pulse Generators

What is a pulse generator?

A pulse generator provides currents with a very fast rise time and pulses of the order of the ms.

Pulse generators are divided into 2 categories : SPC for solely positive currents and RPC for polarity inversal currents.

Camembert gris pulse


  • Chrome Plating: Chrome 3 and Chrome 6
  • Circuit board
  • Precious metal deposit: Gold and Silver
  • Multilayer deposit




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Our range of pulse generators is suiting all your needs thanks to our engineering and design department which keeps listening to you.
The latter developed two types according to the environment in which the generator will be installed: laboratory or industrial.
This is how you can choose the SPC or the RPC to all our Pulse Generators models so that they perfectly fit to your current and future use

The Simple Pulse Current (SPC)
The Reverse Pulse Current (RPC)

As part of the SPC integration in one of our pulse generators, the current experiences a rest period (with an intensity which is not always zero) between the cathodic stages. So you can handle these two stages in terms of both duration and intensity.

pulse simple

In the case of the RPC, anodic stages can be planned in addition to the rest period. This is how our RPC technology is included in our pulse generator, this one is able to  limit material deposit allowances.

pulse reverse