Our Systems

We are guiding our customers in the implementation of new process. Our experience allows us to adapt to your requirements specification even if it involves the integration of an element that you provide to us.

Study and Realization on client Specifications

Integration of several AC and DC power supplies.
Integration of multiple functions.
Study and development of the man-machine visual part.

baie intégrée


The Multi One are the integrations of several elements in the same bay. Composed of Current Rectifiers or Stabilized Power Supplies, they allow you to control several elements or to avoid a complete cessation of your installation.

baie avant

Current Rectifier in cabinet Integration

Integration of 11 Microswitch 12V-300A Rectifiers
Single piloting via Profibus automaton.
Single Ventilation.
Single sector Power source wiring.

armoire microswitch mgt2