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In order to answer to your specific problem, our experts adapt our standard products to your needs.

Our Achievements

Since 1989, our experts are listening all your needs : from broad to specific. Today, with our more than 25 years experience, our research unit is guiding you in all your projects. In accordance with this principle of rightness solution, we regularly realize adaptations of our standard products.

Générateur d'impulsion

Pulse Generator

This pulse generator allows to supply your charge with a regulated voltage of 100 to 540VDC, for a time of 0,1s to 9,9s, as needed.

Thanks to a capacitor reserve (6>165F), this generator allows to provide a power of 162kW with a consumption of 20kW, necessary to recharge (5mC).

Voltage regulation:
100 to 540 VDC
Controllable pulse duration:
100ms to 1000ms in graduations of 100ms

Regulated voltage +/-1%
Max current 300A
Rise time <1ms

Pulse Generator

Power: +/-20V ; +/-50A

Dimensions: 4U

Options: Tactile Panel (MTC), reverse pulse current (RPC)

The Pulse Generator is a very specific product. It allows a very fast intensity and voltage change which can be in polarity reversal with the RPC option. The Tactile Panel (MTC) was necessary to facilitate the current visualisation. Moreover, all the parameters are easily verifiable.

Stabilized Power Supply

alim déportée
Double sensibilité

Dual Sensitivity (DS)

Power: 12V-100A DC type

Dimensions: 2U box (power supply)

Options: separate control panel, dual sensitivity, totalizer, daily.

Separate panel :

  • Equipped with the dual sensitivity
  • Manual telecontrol
  • Equipped with a totalizer and daily counter
  • Cycle timer with outage and alarm at the end of the cycle
  • 3 meters Junction flounder

Power Supply :

  • Equipped with the dual sensitivity
  • Performance > 89%
  • Regulation < 0,5%
  • Residual < 1%

We realized this product based on the requirements specification of our customer. His goal was to protect the power supplies of splashing while keeping a normal access to the controls. The separate panel solution allows us to gather the controls of the different power supplies handy while securing the power supplies.

Stabilized Power Supplies

2 quadrants inversion de polarité

Polarity Reversal

Power: 8V – 150A (1200W)

Options: Polarity reversal, Dual sensitivity, Cycle timer

This power supply was created with numerous options. The accuracy need of our customer required the dual sensitivity integration. Thanks to that, the adjustement fineness stays the same at 150.0A as at 15.00A.

Our customer needed a polarity reversal in order to realize his process of chromium and electrolysis deposits to the buffer. Finally, the integration of a cycle timer allows to have an automatic shut-off of the power supply when the deposit time is expired.

Stabilized Power Supply

alim inverseur spécifique

Power: 20V – 100A

Options: Polarity Reversal

This power supply allows the reversal of the voltage and the current.

All in One

face avant

The All in One power supply allows you to control all the options of your production such as temperature, agitation or even filtration…

Our achievements of specific equipment are in directly related with the process, the need and the various constraints of the customer.

We are listening to you for every demand of personalization of one of our products.

For that, you can contact us with a mail: contact@micronics.fr
Or with a phone: 04 72 93 04 80