Corporate Social Responsibility

Day-to-day actions!

Nowadays, the CSR is a challenge faced by a good number of campanies. Yet at Micronics, we always have been committed in that direction.


Our teams are made up of numerous skills. To keep this independence, we have made the choice to integrate in our company all the design, production and invoicing stages.

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We want to be involved in our daily life in the society Micronics is evolving every day. In this context, we are buying our cleaning products at the Artisanery which integrates disabled people in its products fabrication.


Micronics is a company which has a sustainable ecological and economic policy. Indeed, for over 25 years our company has been created and after all these years, we only had positive balance sheets.

We can thus propose our experience and our technical knowledge to our customers by having them benefit of the quality of our products and our customer service for many years.

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Our engagement through to our products!

Our products are designed by our research unit in order to allow our customers to consume less during their production. The setting accuracy of our products allows them to reduce their energy consumption and their raw material consumption.

We are very careful with the control of the entire process since the creation of the company. In this way, Micronics manufactures its products in France since 1989!


MICRONICS SYSTEMS is engaged in the car racing. The “Sponsoring and Partnerships” activity is a good way to show and claim the Micronics values through the performance or by challenging personal limitations.

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The functioning of our company is based on unchanged values since 1989! They are flexibility, competitiveness, technicality, friendliness and responsiveness.

Our experience is the guarantee of our quality and our know-how.


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Our company has a strong experience in the energy conversion area through power electronics. Our products developed over the years notably thanks to technological developments. We remain faithful to our values which led us to a proximity in the conception and the production of our products.

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Micronics Systems has emerged as a leader of the energy conversion by power electronics. It is by conceiving and manufacturing our products that we are ensuring their quality.

Besides this quality, we can adapt our products to your needs so they perfectly correspond to your activities and become your solutions.

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Micronics Systems is a power electronics designer and manufacturer since 1989. Thanks to our technical know-how we can adapt our products to your needs. We are also able to create a custom-made product to match with your activity characteristics. We are committed to support you throughout your project.

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