In our company, we are placing the human in the core of its functioning. It is by incorporating a wide variety to our teams that we succeeded to satisfy our customers. Indeed, we need to be careful and benevolent, besides the technical aspect, to design and manufacture the product matching their needs.

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Micronics designs, manufactures and commercializes specific products to energy conversion.
Like all small organizations, our collaborators must know how to adapt to multiple tasks and to be curious to understand our activity. It is essential for our company to listen to its customers because we need to be able to adapt to their needs. In this way, it is primordial, to be part of our teams, to have the sharing sens.
Considering the human as one of our greater strenghts, we would like to invest in the future.
This is why Micronics Systems actively participates in the formation of new collaborators with, for example, work-study contracts.


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For more than 25 years, we are designing and manufacturing our products to answer your highest requirements. As such, we widened our range by adding to the current rectifiers range, the stabilized power supplies and the inverters. Thanks to our engineering and design department, we are able to customised the ordered product to your activity specificities.


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Our company has a strong experience in the energy conversion area through power electronics. Our products developed over the years notably thanks to technological developments. We remain faithful to our values which led us to a proximity in the conception and the production of our products.

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The functioning of our company is based on unchanged values since 1989! They are flexibility, competitiveness, technicality, friendliness and responsiveness.

Our experience is the guarantee of our quality and our know-how.

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You can contact us by phone at 04 72 93 04 80 or by mail at the following address:

Ending my professional degree, Micronics gave me the opportunity to get myself into the working life. Today, my company continues to form me following the obtention of the electrical authorization.
Thibaut BALDUCCI - 22 years
2014, Lyon/France
Thanks to Micronics Systems, I am achieving a ``Management & Business Strategy`` Master with a sandwich course in the ESDES. I am acquiring new knowledge from energy conversion specialists.
Lauriane PLAY - 23 years
Lauriane PLAY - 23 years
2015, Lyon / France
For my ``Electrical Engineering`` curriculum at INSA Lyon, the internship I made at Micronics allowed me to highly develop my know-how in the Power electronic area.
César BRON - 21 years
2017, Lyon/France
As part of my studies in Management and Marketing, this internship within Micronics allowed me to develop my skills while working in a dynamic and innovative SME.
Vincent - 24 years
2018, Lyon/France