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Our Strenghts

Expert in energy conversion, Micronics Systems was created in 1989 to design and manufacture new solutions in this domain. Today, with the help of our engineering and design department, we are able to propose you innovative products to fit your needs.


Our experience acquired in the field of the energy conversion since the creation of our company allows us to know how to adapt to numerous needs.

But our experience in the power electronics is not our only strength : we design products. Our engineering and design department will be able to modify certain items to perfectly meet your requirements. We are able to rely on your requirements specification if you have already established it. But we can support you in its writing if you need it.

Our Products


Your process is unique? You need to integrate unusual safeties? You do not find a machine corresponding to your very specific need?

Our research unit can develop a tailor-made solution to answer to each of your imperatives. To know all the constraints related to your process and your activity, we will complete or draft the requirements specification together.

Our engineering and design department will be able to design a product which will become your solution.

As 100% of our products, your product will be tested before being delivered to you.

Solutions integration

To know more about us

For more than 25 years, we are designing and manufacturing our products to answer your highest requirements. As such, we widened our range by adding to the current rectifiers range, the stabilized power supplies and the inverters. Thanks to our engineering and design department, we are able to customised the ordered product to your activity specificities.

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Today, our products are used in various activities. In that respect, we are able to customise our products with options to ensure they are perfectly conforming to your process.

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You are working on a prototype? You are changing your process? Our engineering and design department is guiding you in your project by conceiving a tailor-made solution. Our energy conversion specialization over the past 25 years gave us an experience which can be useful for you.

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Micronics Systems has emerged as a leader of the energy conversion by power electronics. It is by conceiving and manufacturing our products that we are ensuring their quality.

Besides this quality, we can adapt our products to your needs so they perfectly correspond to your activities and become your solutions.

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